Main Round match results will be available by April 30, 2024.
Register here for a virtual Zoom Lunch & Learn info session on May 1 at 12:00 pm. 

NOLA-PS Early Learning & Childcare is still accepting applications for seats in the 23-24 cycle. 


Enrollment Calendar

  • The annual Mid-Year Transfer window is from September 18 to April 1. Policies and procedures for eligible transfers and discharges are specific to the time of year.
  • Families new to NOLA-PS on or after September 18 can enroll year-round by visiting a Family Resource Center. 
  • Main Round enrollment for the 2024 - 2025 is now closed. Match results will be released late April. 
  • Open Enrollment is the next opportunity to enroll for 2024 - 2025. Open Enrollment will launch on June 5, 2024. Please check back for more updates. 
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Families who enter the city or school system on or after September 18 may enroll in open seats on a first-come, first-served basis. Placements will be made at the Family Resources Centers, based on seat availability, there is no online application. With a handful of exceptions, all schools with an available seat are expected to welcome new students who join NOLA-PS during the school year.

In order to receive a school placement, families new to the system must provide parent/guardian identification, proof of residency, the child's birth certificate, and the most recent report card. 

K-12 Main Round

NOLA Public Schools provides students and families with the opportunity to choose a school that best suits their interests and needs through the unified enrollment process, both through the annual NOLA-PS Common Application Process (NCAP) and the year-round enrollment process.

The unified enrollment process offers students the opportunity to easily access all participating schools using a centralized process. Families who need a school for the current school year are able to enroll immediately in an available seat. Families seeking a new school for the next school year participate in the NCAP in the late fall/early winter. 

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Mid-Year Transfers

Between September 18 and April 1, students are not permitted to transfer between schools only because of preference. When a NOLA-PS student needs to change schools mid-year, the family submits a Hardship Transfer Request or Accelerated Transfer Request.

The Hardship Transfer Categories & Requirements document outlines eligible hardship transfer reasons with brief descriptions and requirements for supporting documentation. 

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