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Mid-Year Transfers

Mid-Year Transfers

Between September 18 and April 1, students are not permitted to transfer between schools only because of preference. When a NOLA-PS student needs to change schools mid-year, the family submits a Hardship Transfer Request or Accelerated Transfer Request.

What qualifies as a Hardship Transfer?

The Hardship Transfer Categories & Requirements (en Español) document outlines eligible hardship transfer reasons with brief descriptions and requirements for supporting documentation. 

How do I apply for a Hardship Transfer?

The Hardship Transfer Timeline (en Español) outlines the steps of the process. 

The hardship transfer window is closed after 4/1. No new requests are accepted. Previously submitted hardship transfer requests cannot be appealed or reopened after 4/1. Families with approved hardship transfers must select a new school no later than 4/14. 

Families who would like to change schools can select a new placement for the 2024-2025 school year during Open Enrollment this summer.

Families who have safety concerns should work with their current school on a safety plan for the remainder of the school year. If appropriate, students should be referred to the Student Hearing Office. Families with specific questions or concerns should contact 

What qualifies as an Accelerated Transfer?

Accelerated Transfers are for 8th*-12th grade students to transfer from one NOLA-PS school to a NOLA-PS school with an accelerated program when the student is overage for their grade. Please note that 8th grade students must be fifteen (15) years of age or older. 

Students Who May Be a Good Fit:

  • Students who are overage for their grade
  • Students who have been previously retained
  • Students not on track to graduate on time
  • *Overage 8th grade students who are at least 15 years old

How do I apply for an Accelerated Transfer?

NOLA-PS only accepts Accelerated Transfer requests directly from schools. Your current school will be able to assist you with an Accelerated Transfer request. Please contact your school administration if you are interested in this option.