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NOLA-PS Early Learning & Childcare Open Enrollment has started!

Birth - 4 Years Early Learning & Child Care

Important Update:

To Families Participating in the CCAP B-3 Seats Program: 

The CCAP B-3 Seats Program is maintained through funds that are determined by the Louisiana Legislature each year. Therefore, the funding from year to year can change and for the upcoming year, beginning on July 1, 2024, the funding has been reduced. 

The Department is working to ensure that children currently enrolled in the CCAP B-3 Seats Program as of June 30, 2024, will remain in the program. 

Children who are currently enrolled will NOT be asked to leave the program or begin paying for care due to funding changes at this time. Please note, new enrollments in the CCAP B-3 Seats Program will not be accepted through at least September 30, 2024. 

Your child’s enrollment in the CCAP B-3 Seats Program is guaranteed through at least September 30, 2024. You will be notified in the near future regarding enrollment plans beyond September 30, 2024. To give you and your family the best chances of remaining in the program, please ensure your child is present daily. In the case of an extended absence due to illness or emergency, communicate with your provider about your continued desire and need for care and when your child will return to care. 

Please contact your child care provider with questions about next steps. 


The Office of Early Childhood Care and Education


NOLA-PS Early Learning & Child Care: Application Guide

Welcome to NOLA-PS Early Learning & Child Care. Enrolling is easy, and applications are open year-round.

Download this free guide and follow the step-by-step instructions before applying for a FREE Early Learning & Child Care seat.



Explore the NOLA-PS Centers and decide which ones you'd like your child to attend.
  • Open the NOLA-PS Explore Tool
  • Make a list of the top eight centers you're interested in
  • Rank the choices based on your family's needs
*Note: 23-24 applicants can explore waitlist lengths using this tool.


To qualify for a free early childhood seat, families must:
  • Provide the needed documents through the online application portal at 
  • or deliver documents to a Family Resource Center operated by NOLA Public Schools.
  • Rank the choices based on your family's needs

You must verify your eligibility to receive a placement.


​Once you’ve chosen your top early learning program options and prepared your documents, it’s time to apply!
  • Create an online account here
  • Fill in the required information
  • Add your Early Learning Program choices
  • Upload the required documents
  • Answer the remaining application questions


Accept a Seat & Manage Choices
During Main Round Enrollment, all applicants will receive notification of placement results.
If your contact information changes between now and when results become available, contact a Family Resource Center.
NOLA-PS Early Childhood
Availability Chart

Documents Required to Verify Eligibility for Early Childhood

NOLA Public Schools facilitates enrollment in free, publicly funded early childhood programs. Eligibility for these programs are based on factors such as the child's age, household income, and residency. While some families will be eligible for free programs, others may only be eligible for tuition programs. To confirm eligibility, all required documents must be submitted to be verified.  Students will not be able to receive a school placement and enroll until verification is complete. 

Families currently experiencing temporary housing situations due to financial difficulties or loss of housing (homeless), as well as children under foster care, automatically qualify for these programs. These families will receive direct communication from NOLA-PS throughout the verification stage.

For assistance, please visit one of our family resource centers.

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