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Who Should Complete an NCAP?

If a student’s school offers the next grade level, the student is guaranteed a spot to return to their current school for the following school year at the next grade level.

Students who apply and are assigned to a different school will lose their guarantee to return to their previous school. Students who apply to change schools and do not receive an assignment to a ranked school will be re-assigned to the next grade level at their current school. Families who receive a placement at a school they choose on their NCAP will forfeit any prior school placement.

Families should complete the NCAP if: 

  • The student is entering the public school system for the first time, such as a new kindergartener. ​
  • The student is currently enrolled in a NOLA-PS school in a terminal grade (the last grade level offered) and will need to choose a new school for next year, such as 8th graders who need to apply to 9th grade.
  • The student would like to switch schools to a different NOLA-PS school for next school year.​
  • The student is new to Orleans Parish and will be starting school in NOLA-PS next fall.
  • The student is seeking to transfer to a publicly funded seat in Orleans Parish for the next school year, such as from a private school, parochial school, or another school setting​.

Families should NOT complete the NCAP if: 

  • If the student is happy with their current school and that school offers the next grade level​. Returning students who do not apply to attend another school are guaranteed to return to their current school for the following school year. 
  • The student needs to be placed into a school for the current school year (not next school year).