Documents Required to Verify Eligibility for Early Childhood

Eligibility for publicly funded early childhood programs is based on factors such as the child’s age, household income and residency. All applicants will verify eligibility prior to enrollment and will need to submit all applicable documents.  Applicants will receive a personalized link via email to the portal for uploading student-specific verification documents.  For document upload assistance, please visit one of the NOLA-PS Family Resource Centers. Families applying for an early childhood tuition-based program do not need to verify income for a publicly funded early childhood seat. 

Verify Age


Documents (One of the following):

  • Birth Certificate (State or Foreign Issued) Or
  • Current Passport Or
  • Visa


Used to Verify

  • Child’s Age
  • Person completing NCAP is listed on the child’s Birth certificate


Parent(s) not listed on proof of age document must provide proof of custody

  • Custody Judgement(s) Or 
  • Child Placement Agreement from DCSF Or
  • Provisional Custody by Mandate Or 
  • Military Power of Attorney Or
  • Non-legal Custodian Affidavit 

Verify Parent/Guardian

Documents (One of the following):

  • Driver’s License Or 
  • State-Issued ID Card Or 
  • Passport Or 
  • Military ID

Used to Verify

  • Name on identification submitted must match name of person submitting NCAP 
  • Name on identification matches the name on proof of address documents

Proof of Address1


Documents (Two of the following):

  • Louisiana Driver’s License OR State-issued ID Card
  • Current Lease OR Mortgage Statement
  • Water Bill
  • Entergy Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Letter/statement of living arrangements signed by owner of dwelling with one of the above residency documents in owner’s name 


Used to Verify

  • Adult name on NCAP matches proof of address documents (if not submitting letter of living arrangements) 
  • Family lives in New Orleans
  • Family lives in Louisiana2

Verify Income3

Families applying for a tuitionbased early childhood seat do not need to submit proof of income.  Some families may be categorically eligible for a publicly funded seat if the family experiences housing instability, receives SNAP benefits, and/or child lives in foster care.  Families that are categorically eligible do not need to submit proof of income. Families in a temporary living arrangement due to loss of housing or economic hardship (homeless) must verify status with NOLA-PS. 

Categorically eligible, submit all that apply: 

  • SNAP benefits that must include child’s name and valid effective dates
  • Current foster care placement agreement from DCSF 

Not categorically eligible, submit the following:

Used to Verify

  • Total household gross income based on hourly rate of pay

1. Families in temporary living arrangements due to loss of housing or economic hardship should have their status verified with NOLA-PS at a FRC

2. Applies to EC programs at Type II BESE authorized schools (Lyceé Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans) and NSECD funded EC scholarship programs in private schools.

3.  Children experiencing housing instability, receiving SNAP benefits, and/or living in foster care are categorically eligible for early childhood programs and are not required to provide proof of income. Children with special needs and children whose home language is not English may be eligible to receive services but must still qualify to participate in publicly funded programs. These children may be able to be served through other funding sources such as Title I, 8(g), and IDEA. 

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