Please Note the Family Resource Centers have reduced hours and services from March 13-March 17

Completing NCAP Main Round

Families apply online through the NOLA-PS Parent Portal (
Critical Reminders About NCAP Main Round
  • Continuing students who do not apply to transfer out of their current school are guaranteed the right to return to their current school.
  • No applicant is guaranteed placement at a specific desired school (unless they already attend and the school offers the next grade). 
  • Families may apply to up to 12 schools in order of preference. 
  • Families should only apply to schools they prefer more than their current school. If a student is assigned to a school on their application, they will lose their current school assignment. 
  • Families should always apply in true order of preference, and list as many choices as they prefer more than their current school.
    • If only 1 or 2 schools are more preferred than their current school, they should only list those 1 or 2 schools.
    • If they would prefer not to return to their prior school, they should list 12 choices to increase the chance of receiving a new school assignment.
  • Families can submit a new application if they would like to change their school rankings. Newly submitted applications overwrite previously submitted applications; the last application submitted will be used in the match. 
  • Families who receive placement at a chosen school will forfeit any prior school placement and any guarantee to return.
  • If it is not possible to place a student at a preferred school on their application, the student will be invited to participate in Open Enrollment.
Modify Application Choices
  • Application resubmissions or modifications to the rankings or order of rankings shall overwrite the prior rankings. 
  • In cases of two or more applications submitted for the same child, the latest-dated application shall be used. 
  • Applicants are permitted to modify application choices until the application deadline, at which point the order of rankings is final. Rankings cannot be edited after the Main Round deadline. 
Cancel an Application
To cancel an application, applicants must submit a request through the help desk (NCAP Request/Cancel an Application) or visit a Family Resource Center to request cancellation of the application in writing by February 28, 2023.