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What Documents Are Needed for Early Childhood Programs?

As a parent or guardian, you want to make sure your child is ready for early childhood education. According to Kokotree, the average age which children start preschool is three to four years old. Part of the enrollment process at this age involves submitting important documents. This ensures your child can fully participate in the program. In this post, we’ll go over the key papers you’ll need to provide when enrolling your kid in early childhood education.

Proof of Age

One of the first things early childhood programs will ask for is proof of your child’s age. This usually means providing a copy of their birth certificate. This allows them to confirm your child meets the minimum age requirements for the program. Having their date of birth on file also ensures the school can celebrate their birthday and accurately track their development process.

Health and Medical Information

You’ll also need to submit health and medical documents. This includes vaccination records showing your child is up-to-date on their shots. Early childhood programs need to know about any food allergies, health conditions, or medications your child takes as well. Providing emergency contact information is also crucial. Having this information handy ensures that the school can care for your child appropriately. It also helps them respond quickly if any health issue comes up during school hours.

Proof of Residency

Early childhood education facilities typically require proof that your family lives in the school district. This usually means submitting documents like a lease agreement, mortgage statement, or utility bills. Some schools even ask for pay stubs listing your home address. Proof of residency confirms your child has the right to attend school in that district and enrollment slot. Make sure the documents you provide match the address listed in your child’s enrollment paperwork. There may be situations in which this can be worked around, so be sure to discuss this with the school.

Legal Custody Documents

Finally, parents who share legal custody of their child will need to submit court orders or divorce decrees. These outline who is authorized to make educational decisions for the child. Custody documents also clarify which parents can pick up the child from school. Having clearly defined legal custody on file ensures the safety of your child and avoids conflicts between parents and school staff.

With the right documents on hand, you’ll be prepared to complete enrollment and start your child on the path to early childhood education success! Reach out to the school if you have any other questions about the required paperwork. Our staff can guide you through the process. Call NOLA Public Schools to tour our facility prior to enrolling your child in an education program.