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The Significance of the Launch of Family Connects

A child begins to form strong attachments and connections to parents, caregivers, and family members as soon as they are born. However, too many families find themselves struggling through this period alone. Children and new parents may need additional support to form the strong bonds they need. That’s why Family Connects was born.

Healthy Family Foundations

According to, in 2019, there were 35.5 million children enrolled in an elementary school. However, education starts long before that. Newborns can build the strong connections they need to foster a healthy attachment when families can give them the healthy foundation they require. However, some families may need more resources to do that. Social, emotional, and physical health are all crucial for helping children succeed.

Childcare Education

When a family volunteers to work with Family Connects, they don’t have to deal with anything alone. Family Connects utilizes several methods to help families get the assistance they need. The nurse home visiting program can help give new parents much-needed support and information regarding their child’s health. As their child gets older, Family Connect can also provide parents with community-based resources to help them meet their child’s needs, such as childcare education. Enrolling your child into early childcare education can not only assist new parents with childcare support but it can also provide babies and young children with an educational foundation as they grow.

Positive Outcomes

Nurses and staff at Family Connect work one-on-one with families to ensure every family receives an individualized approach. This allows nurses to dive deep into potential issues participants may be experiencing and help them find resolutions. This may be as simple as giving someone a blood pressure cuff or as complex as assisting families with developing resources and support. Regardless of the situation, Family Connects works hard to help every family enjoy a more positive outcome.

Medical Advice

Qualified nurses can help close the gap between patients and healthcare providers. They can alert patients to problems they may think are normal or encourage them to advocate for themselves. Many nurses can help patients decide when to call the pediatrician, which every new parent worries about. Having an extra support person knowledgeable in the medical field can make a difference for new mothers and give them peace of mind.

Support Early Learning

As mentioned above, one of the key ways Family Connects can provide support to new families is by connecting parents with quality community resources. That’s where NOLA Public Schools comes in. At NOLA Public Schools, we offer early learning programs for children aged zero to four, and families who are eligible based on factors like household income and residency may be eligible for free, publicly funded early childcare education.

Having someone beside you while adjusting to parenthood can help put your mind at rest. Family Connects can help to establish more support for families both at our schools and in our community. For more information on NOLA Public Schools and our early childcare education program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.