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Supporting Academic Success: The Role of Parent-School Partnerships

To help your child be successful, early childcare education needs to engage both the parents and the school. According to National University, these efforts are important for children up to five years old to help them develop necessary social and emotional skills. An important part of successful early childcare education is forging parent-school partnerships. Here are a few ways to support academic success through collaboration.

Partnerships Build Strong Foundations

The more engaged a child’s parents are in their education, the more likely their child’s academic success will be. These partnerships help to build strong foundations that benefit the child, the parents, and the school. Additionally, with these partnerships, the child will develop the social and intellectual skills that are necessary to grow to their potential. With a strong foundation that’s forged by both the school and the parents, everyone benefits. Schools that are dedicated to educating children for the future seek out new and innovative ways to keep these connections strong.

Communication Is Enhanced

Good communication skills are necessary in every stage of life. When parents feel that they’re able to voice their concerns, difficult conversations can occur. With strong communication that goes in both directions, issues can be identified, addressed, and resolved. Problems can fester and become worse when there is ineffective communication. The solution to these problems is often enhanced communication. When there’s an attitude of mutual respect, these issues are dealt with promptly, openly, and successfully.

Students Develop Emotional and Social Skills

The lessons that children learn at school aren’t confined to the classroom. There are many skills that they pick up through their interactions with other students, teachers, and school staff. Parents will also benefit when the school their child attends prioritizes their emotional and social development. Now is an ideal time to review the school options that are available for your child to determine which is the best fit. Opting for a school that values parent-school partnership can have a positive impact on your child’s educational experience.

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