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NOLA-PS Early Learning & Childcare Open Enrollment has started!


How to Find the Right Public School to Enroll Your Child In

Every American child has the right to public education. According to, 35.5 million elementary-age children (grades K-8) were enrolled in elementary and middle schools in 2019. While the pandemic may have changed some of the statistics, public schools are still the largest educators of our children. If you are the parent or grandparent of a New Orleans area student, you have the right to enroll your child in any participating school in New Orleans Public Schools (NOLA-PS).

Why Public Schools?

Public schools are an important part of American history. The first free American public school, the Mather School, was opened in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as early as 1639. With compulsory public school enrollment first enacted in America on the eve of the Civil War, public schools are an important part of American towns and traditions.

Public Schools, Public Service

In many cases, public school enrollment is the only way that many students can be educated. Private schools are often expensive and are inaccessible to many students through no fault of their own. Students in public schools find themselves mixing with peers of all walks and ranks of life, and learning how similar they all are.

Enroll in NOLA Public Schools For Pre-K and Childcare

New Orleans Public Schools offer over 150 public childcare centers, schools, and Head Start programs for New Orleans’ 5,550 children aged 0 through 5, offering their families crucial support in their earliest years. Preschool public school enrollment can prepare the youngest children in the city for their schooling and offer working parents in their families much-needed access to affordable high-quality care, making sure that small kids get the specialized care and early childhood education they need, and their older siblings have their needs met as well.

Your K-12 Exploration Experience

Parents of kids in grades K through 12 have access to all public schools in the NOLA-PS system. By collaborating across schools, we can assure that your children have access to the same high-quality education wherever they choose to go. The year-round enrollment process is designed to bring children into a new classroom right away to keep their learning going.

Call NOLA-PS today to begin your child’s new school journey. No matter where you are in New Orleans, there is a public school there to educate your child wherever they are in their educational journey.