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How Is Grade Placement Determined for High School Students?

One of the most frequent concerns parents have about high school placement in public schools is how the school determines grade placement. Grade placement in high school is determined by the number of credits a student has earned. Of course, policies range, even among a public school district. Here are some things you need to know about grade placement in high school.


Credits are issued when a class is completed successfully. If a student does not meet the class requirements, credits for that class will not be issued. Credits are issued at the end of the term.

A specific number of credits must be earned each school year for the student to enter the next grade placement. If a student completes all the necessary course credits but one class, the student will be placed in the next grade; however, they will fail that course.

Credit Recovery Programs

In some public school settings, there are programs in place to help students quickly recover credits that were not earned on time. Credit recovery programs can affect grade placement. These programs follow a different calendar than typical classes.

They can help a student get back on track and still graduate on time. This program must be done along with regular classwork to ensure the student doesn’t fall behind in regular classes. Once the program is complete, students should be back on track and eligible for proper grade placement.

Grade Point Average

Grade point average is another factor that can affect grade placement. For a student to graduate from an accredited high school program, they will need to meet GPA minimums. GPAs are used to determine grade placement, class rank, and the ability to graduate.

According to What to Become, almost 95% of Americans have a high school diploma. A high school diploma is an essential stepping stone to college and a career. Proper grade placement can ensure that every student is given the opportunity to succeed in high school.

If your student is transferring to a public school in the NOLA district, be sure to bring all report cards and transcripts with you to ensure accurate placement. The Family Resource Center can help you with the transfer and the necessary paperwork. Contact us at Enroll NOLA PS today.