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How Can I Develop a Love of Learning in My Child?

A lot of American children go to preschool or early education programs. According to Kokotree, it’s actually about 75% of them. When it comes to keeping them interested, what can Louisiana people, especially those in New Orleans early education, do to help children love to learn? What can you do for your child? Read on to find out!

Read to Them

Grab some books. Sit near your child and start reading to them. Read during the day. Read at night. Get them to love hearing stories about all kinds of things. If you read something about a boat, they may love the ocean. If you tell them something about the sun, they may love space. It will make them curious about things and introduce them to something they never would’ve known about otherwise.

Expand on Their Interests

Let’s go a bit more in-depth here. You find your child likes outer space when you read to them. Your next step should be to find more things on that topic such as books about the planets. Then they can impress their New Orleans early education teachers with what they know and form bonds with peers that have similar interests.

Provide Hands-on Learning

Kids learn a lot by doing things hands-on. That includes art, so have them spend a good amount of time doing things like painting. It can help them tap into creative parts of the brain. So what if they get a bit messy? That’s what showers and wipes are for. They can enjoy learning about accessing another side of their creative selves.

Set an Example

There are a lot of things that you can do, but the main one is to set an example yourself. Show that you love learning new things. Kids are incredibly observant, and they can pick up on a lack of interest in learning on your end. So, keep trying to better yourself too. That will rub off on them and help them during early childhood and beyond.

The main thing is that you need to be able to adapt to what you see your child do. If they don’t show interest in one area, then shift gears and try another. After a while, try returning to the previous one. Who knows, now they might want to try to learn it. Your patience will be worth it then. If you have a child in a New Orleans early education class and are interested in talking about how to help foster the desire for knowledge, view the resources on our website!