Students who need a K-12 school for the 2022-2023 school year can enroll through the Parent Portal until September 30, 2022. New students who need a seat for the 2022-2023 school after September 30 should visit a Family Resource Center for enrollment.

Current NOLA-PS students who would like to change schools can select a new school through the Parent Portal once during the Fall Transfer window, which ends September 30, 2022. Families are encouraged to meet with their current school prior to transferring. 

To find school options for your student, start by checking the Seat Availability Report* for your student’s grade level. Grades with Available Seats or Limited Availability can be accessed through the Parent Portal. See the K-12 Open Enrollment (Spanish) flyer for instructions.

Some grades have eligibility criteria that prospective students must meet before they are able to enroll. Families can indicate interest in these grades  by following the directions on the Eligibility Schools Information (Spanish) flyer. 

*Please Note: Availability reflected in the Seat Availability Report does not guarantee a seat will be available for your student at the time of enrollment. The number of available seats in each grade changes frequently. The Seat Availability Report is updated several times daily, but it is not a real-time reflection of available seats in each grade.




Please be aware that students who choose a new school placement through the Parent Portal will lose their currently assigned seat. Students can only occupy one seat at a time. Students do not have the option to reclaim their prior seat once the student has transferred to a different school. Students will immediately lose their current seat as soon as a new seat is chosen through the Parent Portal. 


If you have questions, please email For the most efficient response, include your student’s OneApp ID and how we can help you with enrollment. The NOLA-PS team will get back to you as soon as possible.   

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