Mid-Year Transfers


Between October 1 and April 1, students are not permitted to transfer between schools only because of preference. When a NOLA-PS student needs to change schools mid-year, the family submits a Hardship Transfer Request. 

Accelerated Transfers

Accelerated Transfers are for 8th*-12th grade students to transfer from one NOLA-PS school to a NOLA-PS school with an accelerated program when the student is overage for their grade. 

Process Overview 

(1) Sending school staff meets with student and family to discuss transfer options 

(2) Sending school completes Accelerated Transfer form with signatures from the student’s guardian, principal, AND academic dean/counselor 

(3) Sending school emails the completed form, student transcript, and current grades to enrollment staff at the EQA school of choice 

(4) EQA enrollment staff will reach out to the student’s family to discuss graduation pathways and school specific information (schedule options, transportation, etc) and confirm that the EQA school is the right fit for the student 

(5) If confirmed, EQA enrollment staff signs their portion of the Accelerated Transfer form and sends the completed form to NOLA-PS for review 

EQA School Contacts  

(6) NOLA-PS reviews documentation to confirm completion & transfers the student to the new school 

Accelerated Program Options 

  NET: Central City  NET: Gentilly  NET: East (Formerly NOAH)  NET: Virtual  HiSET @ YEP 
Grade Level 

Overage 8th 

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 

Overage 8th 

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 

Overage 8th 

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 


9th-12th Grade  16-21 year-olds 
Location  Central City  Gentilly  New Orleans East  Virtual 

Mid City  

New Orleans East 


CTE Opportunities 

Digital Media 


Internship program 



Digital Media 



Digital Media 


Bike repair 

Digital Media 

Customer Service 

Transportation  RTA  RTA  RTA  N/A  RTA 
Special Programs    Onsite childcare 

Onsite childcare 

Virtual program available 

N/A  Spanish HiSET classes available 

*8th grade students must be fifteen (15) years of age or older 

    Hardship Transfers

    Hardship Transfer Categories

    The Hardship Transfer Request process is used when a family is experiencing a challenge and needs to change their school environment mid-year. Students are not permitted to transfer between schools mid-year only because of preference. The Hardship Transfer Categories & Requirements document outlines eligible hardship transfer reasons with brief descriptions and requirements for supporting documentation. The approved categories for Hardship Transfers are: 

    • Change of Circumstances – Residence, Custody, Caregiver, or Transportation 
    • Health – Physical, Mental, Bullying  
    • Safety – Physical Safety On Campus or Off Campus 


    Before starting the hardship transfer request process, the family and school should work together to try to resolve any issues at the school level. If the school has not been informed of the issue, the hardship transfer request will not move forward. In cases where the student’s safety is at risk immediately, the review process is expedited. 

    Process Overview 

    The hardship transfer process is managed by the NOLA-PS enrollment team. During the review process, the enrollment team works closely with school-based staff, families, and other NOLA-PS departments to ensure we are getting the full picture of a student’s situation. Please reach out with any questions or concerns at transfers@nolapublicschools.com. The steps of the process are below. 

    (1) Family completes Hardship Transfer Request – Family Form for any K-12 student who attends a NOLA-PS school. Submitted information will be shared with the student’s school and members of the NOLA-PS team on an as-needed basis to review the hardship transfer request.

    (2) NOLA-PS reviews the form submission to determine if the request fits the hardship categories. 

    (3) School completes Hardship Transfer Request – School Form, which is shared directly with school leadership by the NOLA-PS team.  

    (4) NOLA-PS team reviews the submitted information and supporting documentation to determine whether the request is approved or denied.

    (5) NOLA-PS team communicates the decision to the family and school.

    Additional Information on Process

    • If the student is in an active process with the Student Hearing Office, the hardship transfer process will not be initiated until the SHO process comes to an end. ​
    • All hardship transfer requests must include supporting documentation. Supporting documentation may be submitted by the family or the school. A hardship transfer request is not considered complete until sufficient supporting documentation has been received.  
    • If a school team does not complete the Hardship Transfer Request – School Form or respond to requests for additional information within 5 business days, the issue can be referred to the NOLA-PS Accountability team. When the completed family form is sent to the school’s hardship point of contact, the school has three days to complete the request. If the NOLA-PS enrollment team has not received a response in 3 school days, a reminder will be sent to the hardship point of contact. If the form has not been completed 2 school days after the reminder, the accountability team will be notified that the school has not met the deadline. The school is asked to complete the form ASAP. 

    Additional Information for Families  

    • If a family needs assistance completing the Hardship Transfer Request – Family Form, they can come into a Family Resource Center for assistance completing the form.
    • All hardship transfer request forms must be completed by the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of the student.
    • Each school has designated a hardship transfer point of contact. If you would like assistance or information about the hardship transfer process or your student’s individual situation, you can ask the school for the appropriate contact information. 
    • If a family does not respond to requests for additional information, the request will be closed after 10 school days. 
    • If a Hardship Transfer Request is denied, the decision can be appealed if new information becomes available. To request an appeal, email transfers@nolapublicschools.com including the student’s OneApp ID and the nature of the new information. 
    • If you are seeking to transfer multiple siblings, a hardship transfer form must be completed for each child.
    • Students cannot transfer mid-year due to dissatisfaction with their academic performance or grades. Families should work with the school to get additional support.


    School Transfer for Approved Requests 

    If the hardship transfer request is approved, the student can select a new NOLA-PS school that has an available seat at the student’s grade level. After approval, students should select a new school within 3 days by coming into the Family Resource Center or getting a placement from the NOLA-PS enrollment team. Students have the right to stay at their current school rather than selecting a new school if they would like. 

    When a student transfers schools, we encourage families to select a school with a similar schedule to ensure your student stays on track with academics. Talk to the School Choice Advisor or Enrollment Team member to confirm the schedule of the student’s prior school corresponds to the new school. 

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