K-12 Open Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is now available!

To find school options for your student, start by checking the Seat Availability Report* for your student’s grade level. You can access seats in three ways. Learn more on the K-12 Open Enrollment page.  

  1. Grades with Available Seats (4+ Seats): Log into the Parent Portal to select a school and enroll immediately. See the K-12 Open Enrollment Flyer (Spanish) for instructions.
  2. Grades with Limited Availability (1-3 Seats): Complete the Limited Availability Form to enter a weekly lottery for schools that do not have eligibility criteria. Families can complete the Limited Seats Availability Form Tuesday morning- Sunday evening.  THE FORM IS CLOSED MONDAYS TO RUN THE LOTTERY. See the Limited Availability Flyer (Spanish) for instructions.  
  3. Grades with Eligibility Criteria: Contact the school to schedule next steps to determine your student’s eligibility. See Eligibility Schools Information Flyer (Spanish) for more information and next steps.  

*Please Note: Availability reflected in the Seat Availability Report does not guarantee a seat will be available for your student at the time of enrollment. The number of available seats in each grade changes frequently. The Seat Availability Report is updated several times daily, but it is not a real-time reflection of available seats in each grade. 




Early Childhood families that still need a seat for the 2022-2023 school year should participate in Open Enrollment now. Families will 1. Complete Application, 2. Submit Documents for Eligibility, 3. Add Child to Waitlists in Parent Portal, 4. Wait for Seat Offer email.

Families wishing to enroll at an Early Childhood Center will apply using the 2022-23 Open Enrollment process. Families must first complete an application, then submit documents for eligibility review. Once you are verified and eligible, you can add waitlist choices by emailing enroll@nolapublicschools.com. For more information on how to apply view the Early Childhood Open Enrollment Flyer.

Early Childhood families can see the seat availability and waitlist lengths at schools participating in Open Enrollment by clicking the View Open EC Seats button below. The report defines the waitlist lengths and seat availability the following ways:

  • Short Waitlist: fewer than 10 students are on the waitlist at the time the report was posted.
  • Moderate Waitlist: between 10 and 25 students are on the waitlist at the time the report was posted.
  • Long Waitlist: more than 25 students are on the waitlist at the time the report was posted.
  • Availability: 10 or more seats are available at the time the report was posted.
  • Limited Availability: fewer than 10 seats are available at the time the report was posted.


Email: enroll@nolapublicschools.com. Please include your student’s OneApp ID or name and what we can help with.  

 Text 504-547-6510 using keywords:  

  • EMAIL to find out your Parent Portal email address for login  
  • RESET for Parent Portal password reset  
  • PORTAL if you are having issues with the Parent Portal 
  • LIMITED if you have questions about the Limited Seat Availability form  
  • EC WAITLIST if you have a question about managing waitlists for infants to PK4 students 

Phone: Leave a voicemail at 1-877-343-4773 & get a call back

Learn more about the NOLA-PS Common Application Process (NCAP)

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